Spencer aged two with MaazinaOur goal in breeding is to produce an Arabian with an abundance of breed type, correct saddle horse conformation, good movement and the temperament to be a pleasure to live and work with.

Syrah is a small select stud producing a limited number of foals. Each breeding decision is approached with the utmost care and forethought as every foal is very important to us.

We do not stick to any particular blood grouping of Arabians (be it Egyptian, Russian, Polish or Crabbet), but seek to take the best from each. Nonetheless, we believe firmly in linebreeding to reinforce characteristics, and line breed to Sarika and El Shaklan.

Syrah has grown from the purchase of only three mares. Our belief in selecting any horse to breed with or buy is that the horse has to have that something special which moves your soul.

We have used outside stallions which have not yet been shown, and venerable old stallions long out of the show ring, as well as current show stars. It is the horse itself which counts, rather than its current level of profile.

We study the pedigree of every horse we consider using to work out where its characteristics come from and how reliably we can expect them to be passed on. This way there are few surprises.

Finally, we critically examine our own horses, as the perfect horse has not been born. We try to improve in each generation.




Photos: (top) Spencer aged two with Maazina and (bottom) Sabriyya - Michael Liapakis;
             (bottom) Ashika and Valouria - Verity Smith

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