2012 Queensland Gala and Challenge

Two Azteq LBA (US) progeny made the long trip to Queensland to contest Queensland's two premier shows with outstanding success.


Vortex, from Valouria, is living up to his illustrious pedigree with Champion Junior Colt at the Gala and Reserve Champion Junior Colt at the Challenge.

He is truly cementing his place as a star in his age group, as he has shown at only five of the largest shows and has been the top yearling colt at the AA Class Victorian Classic and Queensland Challenge, the A Class Gala as well as Top Three at the Australian National Championships and Top 5 at East Coast.

Azmara added to her string of Championships with Champion Intermediate Filly at the Gala and Reserve Champion Intermediate Filly at the Challenge.



Above - Azmara

At left - Safiina

Congratulations also to Lauren and Dan Sharpe with the beautiful Safiina (Eklipse - Shakeelah), debuting at the Queensland Challenge in the huge weanling filly class to be awarded runner up. Safiina had minimal preparation as she was very much a last minute entry and will be a star of the future.

Australian National Championships 2012

In 2010 at The Sydney International Equestrian Centre, the magnificent young stallion Azteq LBA (US) was crowned Australian National Champion Junior Stallion. At that time, back at Bullengarook, his first foals were frolicking in the green pastures.

Roll forward on the same ground, in 2012, where his first daughter, Azmara, first son Vesuvio and his yearling son, Vortex are representing him at the 2012 Australian National Championships.

First on, Vortex. After battling a foot abscess all week, it was touch and go whether Vortex would even make the ring. Despite the less than ideal circumstances, he not only made the ring, but was awarded a Top Ten in the Yearling Colt Class, third on points.

Brilliant Azmara trotted the house down also for a Top Ten Junior Filly,third on points.

Vesuvio entered the ring on fire, his beauty captivating the audience and the judges alike, to be awarded Australian National Champion Junior Colt.


(Above) - Vesuvio, (At right) - Exalt

Photos - Jenni Ogden


As Azteq LBA (US) has only seven foals old enough to compete at the Australian National Championships, he is proving to be a sire of the highest consistency and quality.

Valouria, the dam of Vesuvio and Vortex, also had her moment of glory at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre, when she too was awarded Australian National Champion, Azima, dam of Azmara, standing by her side as Top Ten. Her first foal Varaz, was Australian National Reserve Champion Colt, now her next two sons have further demonstrated her brilliance.

Not to be outdone, the wonderful Exalt showed his best to be awarded Australian National Champion Junior Gelding. Exalt is by Valouria's brother Valor, who has been a top sire at the Australian National Championships for the past two years. Exalt's award shows remarkable consistency, as his full brothers Eklipse and Emphatik were awarded Australian National Champion Stallion and Australian Reserve Champion Yearling Gelding in Tamworth in 2011. All three are from Tarlea Ellabrandi.

Many thanks to JH Showtraining - Jason Hodgins for training and presenting the horses so masterfully and Jess Wilson for the care and attention she takes behind the scenes.

Vesuvio - photo Jenni Ogden
Exalt - Photo Danna Lingard

East Coast 2012 - Azteq LBA (US) a sire of significance

The East Coast Championships are always a wonderful show, with the cream of the Arabian show horses travelling from all over Australia to attend. The East Coast Championships was a testament to the influence of Azteq LBA as a sire.

His oldest progeny are two years old and we took three Azteq LBA progeny to the East Coast Championships.

Azmara - photo SWD Images
Vortex - photo Kristen Carroll

Vesuvio, Azteq's oldest son, already an East Coast Champion, was awarded Reserve Champion in the two year old colt class.

Azmara, Azteq's first born was Top 5 in the strong 2 year old filly class.

Vortex, at his second show, was Top 5 yearling colt after winning his class at the Victorian Classic, his first show.

As Azteq only has seven progeny of showing age to date, this is a remarkable result for a young stallion. Valouria has also made her mark as both Vesuvio and Vortex are her sons.

Not to be outdone, Exalt (Valor - Tarlea Ellabrandi) was Top Five 3/4 Gelding in a top quality class.

Fantastic first show

Goulburn Valley on 8 and 9 October 2011 marked the first shows for us for the season. Our team consisted of three year old gelding Exalt and yearling filly Zetaa. It was the first time off the farm for both horses – although Exalt is three, as we have lots of beautiful horses and keep our show team limited, it can take a while to gain an opportunity!

Both proved our faith in them.

Exalt (Valor - Tarlea Ellabrandi) who is full brother to Australian National Champion Eklipse and Australian National Reserve Champion Emphatik was Champion and Reserve Champion Junior Gelding in top winning company.

Exalt Exhalt
Exalt (at left and above)


Zetaa (Azteq LBA (US) - Zahrah) debuted in a top class lineup for Champion Filly and was awarded the Maaritza Khan Memorial Trophy for Supreme Female over the two shows, kindly donated by the Galea family. It was a very proud win as the inaugural winner of the trophy in 2008 was our own Aviva, a maternal sister to the lovely Maaritza Khan, by our senior stallion Valor.

We did not attend the show in 2009, but the 2010 winner was our Zariya (Eklipse - Zahrah), a maternal sister to Zetaa. Therefore each of our stallions has sired a winner of this wonderful award.

Thanks to Jason Hodgins for presenting them beautifully.

It promises to be a great season as we have some other very special horses yet to debut.

Zeeta being awarded the Maaritza Khan Memorial Trophy
Judges Kathy Saggers and Michael Semchison; Zetaa, Jason Hodgins,
Vanessa Crosland and Jesse Galea

A brilliant beginning for foaling season 2011

The foaling season has started in fine style, with three fabulous foals already here.

First was the glorious filly Elletra, by Valor from Tarlea Ellabrandi. This combination has consistently been exceptional, producing the current Australian National Champion Eklipse, Australian Reserve National Champion and East Coast Champion Emphatik and Champions Exotika and Exalt.

Elletra looks set to continue in the family tradition being very much a feminine version of Eklipse.

Second was the much anticipated first foal for Exotika (Valor - Tarlea Ellabrandi) by Azteq LBA (US). The result was an exceptional bay filly, Eleganzia who fulfils all expectations. The cross of Azteq and Valor daughters is proving very special.

Third was the beautiful, upright and very athletic colt Arkhon, by Azteq LBA (US) from Azima. Arkhon is a full brother to Champion filly Azmara, this time in gold and blonde. To see him in motion is breathtaking.

Elletra - Photo Jennifer Ogden

Eleganzia - Photo Jennifer Ogden

Arkhon and Azima
Arkhon - Photo Jennifer Ogden

Further north, in Rockhampton, huge congratulations to Lauren and Dan Sharpe who welcomed two beautiful foals by Eklipse. Lauren and Dan acquired two of Syrah's much loved mares in foal and were certainly justified in their choice!

The first, Safiina is from Champion mare and Australian National Champion producer Shakeelah. She is an extremely beautiful filly with the extreme type Eklipse is so consistently passing on.

She was followed by the extremely beautiful colt Montez. His dam Mahdiaa is also the dam of Australian Reserve National Champion filly Mahvella by Valor, and therefore a three quarter sister to Montez.


2011 Australian National Championships

After a long trip to Tamworth, and in the very last class of the 2011 Australian National Championships, the proud bronzed chestnut Eklipse awaits the announcement of the 2011 Australian National Champion Stallion. At four years of age, he is a baby in the magnificent class that includes multiple previous Australian National Champion winners and other worthy champions.

The announcement is made ,,,
the 2011 Australian National Champion Stallion is Eklipse

Horse and handler are flying across the ring in celebration and the tears are flowing. A star from the moment he was born, Eklipse has earned the ultimate accolade.

The announcement
Eklipse is awarded

Another proud moment for his sire, Valor, who for the second year running is one of the top sires of the show. Eklipse's baby brother Emphatik had earlier powered his way to Australian Reserve National Champion Yearling Gelding and Mahvella to Top Ten Junior Filly. Additionally, Tarlea Ellabrandi, Eklipse's dam is the top producing mare of the show.

Not to be outdone, last year's Australian National Champion, Azteq LBA (US) was proudly represented with his beautiful son Vesuvio's Top Ten award, to add to his East Coast Championship.

Emphatik at the Aussies Emphatik
Emphatik - left and above
Many thanks to the people who help make this all possible – Jason Hodgins for his superb training and handling, and Michelle Olsen for having the horses looking so wonderful.

East Coast Championships 2011

Our team of four excelled themselves at the a very hot and humid East Coast Championships under international judge Marianne Tengstedt.

The beautiful yearling colt Vesuvio dominated the ring to be awarded 2011 East Coast Champion Yearling Colt.

Super cute and athletic Emphatik was awarded 2011 East Coast Champion Yearling Gelding. Emphatik is available to a special show home.

Beautiful Eklipse strutted his stuff for 2011 East Coast Reserve Champion Junior Stallion

Mahvella added to the family laurels with 2011 East Coast Top 5 Junior Mare.

Emphatik with Vanessa Crosland, Jason Hodgins and Marianne Tengstedt

All of these horses are three generations of Syrah breeding and testament to the consistent excellence we strive for.

Many thanks to Jason Hodgins for a superb performance in the ring and Michelle Olsen for her conditioning skills par excellence.

2011 Victorian Classic

Congratulations to Eklipse on his award of Supreme Champion Entire at a blisteringly hot Victorian Classic.


The foals of 2010

Syrah has had a small but exceptional foaling season.

First, the very pretty bay colt, Karnival, by Valor from Kajora. He is also very athletic as you would expect with his breeding

Our second foal is the exceptional colt Vortex, by Azteq LBA (US) from Valouria. Vortex is of course a full brother to Vesuvio, who has been awarded Supreme Champion at his first two shows.

With his Australian National Champion sire and dam, he certainly lives up to the expectations of his pedigree.


Vortex 7 weeks old
Vortex (at 7 weeks old)
Vortex 7 weeks old
Vortex (at 7 weeks old)
Vortex 7 weeks old
Vortex (at 7 weeks old)
Vortex 7 weeks old
Vortex (at 7 weeks old)

Last, an extremely beautiful filly, Alessia, also by Azteq LBA (US) from the beautiful Supreme Champion Aviva.

Congratulations also to Elmridge Stud with their gorgeous Zetaa, by Azteq LBA (US) from Zahrah and Julianne Cameron with her beautiful Kilmeny Jasminah, by Eklipse from Simeon Sehela.

Kilmeny Jasminah
Kilmeny Jasminah

An outstanding show debut

The Goulburn Valley Show 2010 marked the debut of the first foals for Azteq LBA (US) and Eklipse. It was an outstanding result for these two young sires and for our four horse, all-yearling team.

Vesuvio (Azteq LBA (US) - Valouria)

Champion Colt and Supreme Champion Arabian Exhibit

Azmara (Azteq LBA (US) - Azima) Champion Filly
Zariya (Eklipse- Zahrah) Champion Filly and Maaritza Khan trophy winner for the Supreme Female Exhibit over the two days
Emphatik (Valor - Tarlea Ellabrandi) Reserve Champion Junior Gelding
Vesuvio with Jason Hodgins
Vesuvio and Jason Hodgins


Zariya with Spencer Liapakis and Vanessa Crosland


2010 Australian National Championships

The line up of exceptional young stallions proudly stands for the final judges' inspection under the hot Sydney sun. A superlative collection, with winners of the highest accolades from around Australia and the US. At the end of the line, side by side, are two magnificent young stallions owned by one stud. The bronzed chestnut, Eklipse, represents three generations of the stud's carefully considered breeding programme and the iridescent bay next to him, Azteq LBA (US) represents the future – the colt selected in the US at four months of age after a three year search, with the pedigree and type selected specifically to breed into the family of the chestnut. Both young stallions are already major Champions, but this is the big one – the title of Australian National Champion Junior Stallion.

The tension is palpable as the score cards are tallied. So much love and sheer hard work has led up this day to ensure these horses look as wonderful as they do.

The announcement comes – Eklipse is Australian Reserve National Champion! A shout of delight and we wait for the final announcement.....

Azteq LBA is Australian National Champion!

It sounds like a fairytale but it is the very nicest kind of fairytale as every word is absolutely true. A moment that will stay with me for a very, very long time.

Earlier in the day, Mahvella, who also represents three generations of Syrah breeding, and like Eklipse is by Valor, was awarded Australian Reserve Champion 2 Year Old filly in a class filled with exquisite young fillies. Another very special moment!

Azteq LBA

Azteq LBA

Above - Azteq LBA
Left - Azteq and Jason Hodgins



Above - Jason Hodgins, Mahvella and Vanessa
Left - Eklipse and Sean Chapman

My grateful thanks to Jason Hodgins for his hard work in presenting the horses so beautifully and to Sean Chapman for stepping in and doing a wonderful job with Eklipse.

And a special thank you to Michelle Olsen for her dedication and commitment which resulted in having the horses looking so wonderful for these shows.


2010 East Coast Championships

The East Coast Championships was a triumph for Syrah's young stallion Valor. We showed two of his progeny, Eklipse (from Tarlea Ellabrandi) and Mahvella (from Mahdiaa). It was Mahvella's fourth show and her first big trip.

Both did us proud, with Eklipse being awarded Reserve Champion Junior Stallion and Mahvella being awarded Top 5 2 year old filly.

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